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This lesson is the most challenging of all! Your dog or pack will be evaluated, and a consultation will be done with the owner to determine what modifications need to be done to adapt them to the owner’s lifestyle. In addition, the expectations will be set for the training program during this particular lesson.



These lessons will cover 5 Dog Training Sessions to include: Most Behavior Issues Solved. Dog will walk on leash at your side at your pace.  (5 Weeks)



These lessons will cover Basic Obedience (Foundation Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, and Come) plus refined distraction training for additional Behavior Problems/Issues solved. Training will be cater for handlers with need of: Medical alert and response, mobility assistance and psychiatric disability.  (6-8 Months)



These lessons will cover Basic Obedience (Foundation Heel, Sit , Down, Stay, and Come) On Leash w/ Verbal commands. Behavior Problems/Issues solved. (8 weeks)



Whether our clients need puppy potty training or have any severe dog behavior problems to resolve, we have been there to help.


Our diverse client base allows us to offer varied services that range from advanced police K9 and family protection dog training to beneficial therapy dog training, therapeutic emotional support dog training and specialized service dog training for seizure response, diabetic alert, autism assistance, numerous allergen detectors, various PTSD triggers plus many other medical and psychological conditions.


Dogfather Training can help you attain your dog training goals. Regardless of your dog’s breed, age, background, behavior issues to revolve or training needs, our skilled dog trainers will help you achieve a better bond as we get your dog or pack to be model canine companions for you and your family.


Our method is simple, effective and keeps the dogs happy and attentive as everything we do ends in a praise – EVERYTHING! From getting your dog’s attention to finishing an entire obedience routine, will end with your dog or pack being praised. We follow classical canine behavior conditioning principles that have been consistently tested to produce positive results for both the dogs and their owners.


Our lessons are highly effective in a short time period because our levels of experience allows us to not only train your dog quickly but also to educate the dog owners and handlers to properly practice the techniques that we patiently teach.


During our first meeting, or Foundation Lesson, you will already see improvements and results with your dog and you will have specific exercises to practice so that you may continue to experience those results when our trainers are not there. In subsequent lessons, we will review previous dog training techniques and offer new canine conditioning exercises that will propel you to new levels of pack leadership in a very loving manner to your dog or pack.


Amir believes in the importance of the relationship between dog and handler. Amir customizes all behavior plans for each individual situation, giving thoughtful consideration to the big and small pictures of both of their lives. Their focus is on minimizing stress and maximizing practicality for the human and the animal.



Flavia is a certified dog trainer from Brazil,  force free advanced animal trainer and animal advocate specializing in the prevention and resolution of behavior challenges between humans and pet dogs.  Over the past 10 years she has worked with hundreds of dogs (and their people) to successfully improve behavior problems.


We provide services in Los Angeles, California and Miami, Florida

Tel:  +1 (310) 866-7520 



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